With 95 houses lost in Yarloop and many more threatened in the Harvey area, 3 people missing and firefighters facing extremely difficult conditions, please pray for all those effected.

A prayer during bushfires:

God of mercy and pity, remember all those suffering from the effects of bushfires. Especially we ask for those who have lost homes, animals, possessions. Help us to minister to their needs, and to be sensitive to all who have suffered loss. Heal the distressed, the broken-hearted and the wounded: comfort and sustain them in their need. Give them wise and faithful friends, and courage for the road ahead. Help the firefighters to bring the fires under control and protect them at all times. Sustain them, the support workers and all volunteers, in their myriad tasks, sacrifices and generosity. Watch over all those involved and give them the assurance of your presence. These things we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.