Prayer Points for Sunday 9 August

Our local church and community

  • Pray for our friends and family who don't yet know Christ. Ask God to work in their hearts and minds by his Spirit to bring them to faith in him. Pray that God will use us to show Christ's love to them and bring them to church.
  • Pray for those in our church family who are suffering health problems. Ask God to give them relief from pain, comfort them and heal them. Pray that they would trust Christ to get them through difficult times, and that their hope would be in his future, where there will be no more pain and suffering.
  • Pray for Christian brothers and sisters living in parts of the world where the Church is being attacked, especially Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya. Pray that their witness to the suffering of Christ would be evident to people around them. Ask God to strengthen his Church through its suffering in these places.

In the Diocese we pray for:

  • Parish of Willetton, Nicholas Lockwood and people  
  • Parish of Wongan Hills-Dalwallinu, Kathy Barrett-Lennard, Leon Stickland and people    
  • Archbishop Roger, and Bishops Tom, Jeremy, and Kate

In the Province we pray for:

  • The Diocese of Bunbury, Bishop Allan Ewing, clergy and people
  • Parish of Karratha and Dampier, Diocese of North West Australia        

In the Anglican Communion we pray for:

  • Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya, Bishop Christopher Rutto, clergy and people
  •  Diocese of Riverina (NSW), Bishop Rob Gillion      
  • Archbishop Justin Welby

CMS workers in Northern Australia

  • Tavis & Kate Beer pray for their preparations and delivery of the Diocesan training tour, as they are taking a lead role in delivering in the Roper Region from 15-23 August. 
  • Terry & Liz McCoy give thanks to God for the staff team at Nungalinya and the privilege of working together to serve the Aboriginal churches of Arnhem Land and further afield. Pray for the students that they will work out ways to put their learning into practice back in their communities. Pray also for Wayne Oldfield & Mandy Jones.