Prayer Points for Sunday 23 August

Our local church and community

  • Pray for Marc and Marsha, Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Josephine. Thank God for the faithful pastor and teacher Marc is to our church family, and for the gift his family is to us. Ask God to keep growing him and his family growing in faith and love for the saints. Pray that we as a church would look after Marc and Marsha.
  • Pray for those in our church family who are suffering health problems. Ask God to heal the pain that Tanneya, John and Carol are experiencing, and pray for Eddy who has bronchitis, and Patsy caring for him. Pray that they would trust Christ to get them through difficult times, and that their hope would be in his future, where there will be no more pain and suffering.
  • Pray for Christian brothers and sisters living in parts of the world where the Church is being attacked, especially Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya. Pray that their witness to the suffering of Christ would be evident to people around them. Ask God to strengthen his Church through its suffering in these places.

In the Diocese we pray for:

  • Parish of Belmont, Rodger Bull, Lyn Harwood and people   
  • Guildford Grammar School, Stephen Webber, Headmaster, Philip Raymont, Chaplain, Lisa Perkins, Assistant Chaplain, staff and students     
  • Archbishop Roger, and Bishops Tom, Jeremy, and Kate

In the Province we pray for:

  • Parish of Donnybrook, Diocese of Bunbury
  • Greenough Regional Prison Chaplaincy, Diocese of North West Australia         

In the Anglican Communion we pray for:

  • Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya, Bishop Christopher Rutto, clergy and people
  • Diocese of Sambalpur (North India), Bishop Pinuel Dip    
  • Archbishop Justin Welby

CMS workers in France

  • Pray with Caroline Evenden for the GBU National Training camp – starting today and going until 28 August – that students will grow in their relationship with God as they study his word together.
  • With Paul & Sandra, please pray for them as they move flats in Strasbourg this month, asking the Lord to give them patience and gentleness, as well as good organisation. Thank God for their friends who will be helping them.
  • Pray for Daniel & Kate Morris as they move to Lille: that they will find students who are keen to join a GBU Bible study. 
  • Josh & Susannah Apieczonek pray for good opportunities to share the gospel with their neighbours and the words to do so. Pray also for Libby Leach.