Prayer Points for Sunday 16 August 2015

Our local church and community

  • Pray for our children and the young adults at our church. Ask God to grow them in knowledge and love of Christ, and keep them in the faith. Pray that they would be servants of Christ and a witness to him in their schools. 
  • Pray for those in our church family who are suffering health problems. Ask God to heal the pain that Tanneya, John and Carol are experiencing, and pray for Eddy who has bronchitis. Pray that they would trust Christ to get them through difficult times, and that their hope would be in his future, where there will be no more pain and suffering.
  • Pray for Christian brothers and sisters living in parts of the world where the Church is being attacked, especially Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya. Pray that their witness to the suffering of Christ would be evident to people around them. Ask God to strengthen his Church through its suffering in these places.

In the Diocese we pray for:

  • Parish of Balcatta-Hamersley, John Clapton and people  
  •  Parish of Balga-Mirrabooka, Beatrice Pate, Joseph Arok, Tiriza Atiat and people     
  • Archbishop Roger, and Bishops Tom, Jeremy, and Kate

In the Province we pray for:

  • Parish of Brunswick, Diocese of Bunbury
  • Parish of Wickham, Diocese of North West Australia         

In the Anglican Communion we pray for:

  • Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya, Bishop Christopher Rutto, clergy and people
  • Diocese of Rumonge (Burundi)      
  • Archbishop Justin Welby

CMS workers in Tanzania

  • Jono & Amy Vink pray for Bunda Bible College as another new year begins. Pray for students leaving family to come to College, that families will be provided for and the students will be excited about all God wants to teach them in the coming year.
  • Pray with Matthew & Samantha Archer for the ability to create engaging and challenging deputation materials in their first week of Home Assignment. Please pray for their children as they adjust to school and winter in Australia. 
  • Glen & Dominique Turner ask for prayer for wisdom in how to best encourage their local church. 
  • Helen Hoskins prays for the Diocese of Mara as they continue through the process of electing a new Bishop, that there will be peace and unity in this uncertain time.