Answers to Prayer and Some Updates

Praise God for answering our prayers!

We give thanks that Janelle has recovered well and is back to good health.

Maureen is thanking God that she is much better and looking forward to being back with us on Sunday. She grateful to God for the time she's had to be still and spend time reading, studying the Bible and listening to sermons on line. Please pray that nothing will get in the way of her coming back to church this week.

Tanneya's MRI went well and the prospects are good for effective treatment - praise God! Please keep praying for thorough healing and freedom from pain.

Please keep praying for Eddie who's had bronchitis. Pray also for Patsy for good rest, energy and perseverance. Pray that both Eddie and Patsy will know God's presence and love and that they will lean on him more and more.

Penny has had some temporary pain relief but is still experiencing a lot of discomfort and difficulty getting around. Please pray for healing and for a good outcome from the treatment and therapy she's receiving.

Give thanks with Jenni for God's provision in terms the family's housing needs and pray that he will smooth the way for them to settle into a new home soon.

Please continue to pray for Belinda who is experiencing depression at the moment that the Lord will grant her healing of mind and spirit.

Praise God for his answer to prayer for the new Bible study group Elizabeth as started at Perth College. Nine girls came along to the first meeting and two others have said they're keen to come in the future.