This week's prayer points

Our local church and community

  • Praise God for the safe arrival of Sarah-May Elizabeth, born to Hollie and Garth this morning. Thank God for the gift of this life and a new member of our congregation. Pray that Sarah-May would grow healthily and come to know Christ in time.
  • Pray for those in our church family who are ill and recovering. Pray for Annabeth-Lee, who is unwell. Ask God to heal the vertigo suffered by Kerry and Pat. Pray for all those who have flus and colds. Thank God that Mary Taylor is back with us, and that the Devlins are getting good medical help for Caleb.
  • Pray for Christian brothers and sisters living in parts of the world where the Church is being attacked, especially Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya. Pray that their witness to the suffering of Christ would be evident to people around them. Ask God to strengthen his Church through its suffering in these places.

In the Diocese we pray for:

  • Parish of Kelmscott, Ben van der Klip and people
  • Parish of Kensington, Joanne Baynes and people
  • Archbishop Roger, and Bishops Tom, Jeremy, and Kate

In the Province we pray for:

  • Parish of Manjimup, Diocese of Bunbury
  • The Diocese of North West Australia, Bishop Gary Nelson, clergy and people

In the Anglican Communion we pray for:

  • Diocese of Eldoret, Kenya, Bishop Christopher Rutto, clergy and people
  • Diocese of Okene (Lokoja, Nigeria), Bishop Emmanuel Bayo Ajulo
  • Archbishop Justin Welby

CMS workers in Southern Africa

  • Nathan and Diane Lovell pray for GWC students as they sit exams this month, then as they embark on mission week. Pray that God would use both occasions to help them grow in their knowledge and love of him, and that people would come to Christ in the various missions that will run across South Africa.
  • David and Alisan Greeff pray for the NETS leadership who are exploring new leadership structures as the Gillhams prepare to leave at the end of the year. Please also pray for Simon and Margaret Gillham and Paul and Cathy Sampson.