Update on Edward

Maureen has given us the latest update on how Edward and her are going.

"We are so thankful for prayers because God is looking after all sorts of issues that come up when u have to face horrible decisions. Silver Chain now helping me to cope. Edward is still not in pain just getting weaker as he doesn't want to eat much. Pray for us as we see oncologist tomorrow. Edward has accepted that he is going to die soon really well. He accepts family praying with him and talking about eternity. We had a good night no one calling today so catching up with washing etc."

Please pray for Maureen H and her husband Edward.

Please pray for Maureen H and her husband Edward. (Edward has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.) Pray for healing, good and effective treatment for Edward and freedom from pain. Please also pray that he will call out to God for help. Pray for Maureen that she will experience God's loving presence with her and that he will bless her with courage and strength. Pray for guidance, comfort and strength for their family in the days ahead.